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Maybe the city people and tourists have a favorite belief that the Bach Dang port is the place for walking and sightseeing in the evening. Context here is not only beautiful but also romantic, friendship and love. At night, the space became more beautiful and mysterious with the appearance of the ship restaurant sparkling brilliant light. One is subordinate Tau Ben Nghe with 3 star restaurant on Saigon River.


Ships station at  Bach Dang port on Ton Duc Thang Street, District 1, is floating restaurant. This is a type of cuisine to enjoy the feeling of bringing many new and interesting. Ben Nghe restaurant is serve rich European and Asians foods which all are processed by home cooks professional experience and served as the top chefs in famous restaurants.

Where this is not the only way for you to enjoy form new style cuisine but also a ideal address to relax on the Saigon River. On a beautiful night sky at any time, you can go with yours relatives to feel the air at night really fresh and wonderful here. A river of space property situation will give you the romantic moments, happiness and meaningful.

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